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17. 10. 08
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What exactly is available on the site?

We have a huge selection of magazine issues and book available here in PDF format. Currently these number in excess of 4000 individual downloads which are hosted on Mediafire so you get ad-free/no hassle downloading

How do I access these files?

Check out the Download Area page for details on how you can donate to obtain access.

How do I know what is available?

See below for a sample of what is available. This is not a definitive list but a sampling of what we have available for members

 PlayStation Magazines  


Australian Station 7 Australian Station
Australian magazine produced by Next Publishing under original name Australian PlayStation Accusations of piracy inside the company resulted in Sony removing the rights to use PlayStation in the title.
 Extreme PlayStation  1 Extreme PlayStation
An obscure UK title for which we have issue 01 available.
Next3 1 Next3
...also has the premiere issue archived
P.S.X 1 P.S.X
Published by Sendai Media this magazine is similar in look to other titles in their stable.
P2 3 P2
Three issues are currently available for this Paragon Publishing title
 Play tm  70+ Play tm
Discontinued by Future PLC after acquiring Imagine Publishings assets all digital releases have been archived and are in the process of being added to the site. We also have several earlier issues available.
 OPSX (AUS)  80+ PlayStation Official Magazine
The official title was produced by no less than four different companies (Next, ACP, Derwent-Howard and lately Future PLC). We have a large selection of issues across all publishers available with most being generation 3 (Derwent-Howard) with more being added.
OPSX2-AUS 35 PlayStation 2 Official Magazine
The official PlayStation 2 title produced in Australia by Derwent-Howard
PowerStation-AUS 30+ PowerStation
Awaiting scanning by Kiwi.
Another Aussie version of the same named UK title.
Nintendo Magazines
Cube 13 Cube
The UK version. We also have several issues of the Australian version available
 NGC  61 NGC Magazine
Every issue published was scanned and made available here first thanks to two of our members who donated the print copies for preservation.
 N64 Magazine  49 N64 Magazine
Preceding NGC Magazine we currently have 49 of the 59 issues preserved and available for download.
 NMS 26  Nintendo Magazine System
We currently have 26 of the UK version AND no less than 63 of the Australian variant archived and available in our collection
 NOM  58  Nintendo Official Magazine
58 issues from the EMAP and Future UK versions are archived and an additional 19 issues of the Australian variant are as well.
 nRevolution 30   nRevolution
Originally produced under the title Revolution. 30 issues were produced and we scanned and preserved every last one of them :-)
Xbox Magazines
X-360 60+ X-360
Later renamed to X-One we have over sixty issues archived and available after Future removed the app and any ability for people who purchased legitimate versions to be able to redownload their purchases.
X360 Official 44 X-360 Official Magazine
we have a large selection of the Australian variant available for download and are adding every digital release of the UK version to the database in the event Future PLC discontinue the title.
Home Computing
Amiga Format 60+ Amiga Format
Over 60 issues preserved by Kiwi are available with many more to come. We also have over 70 issues of sister publication ST Format also available thanks to our scanning team
Commodore 14 Commodore Horizons
Just one of a dozen magazines devoted to Commodore's 8-bit machines which are available here
 Micro User 11  Micro User
A huge number of these and Acorn User are slowing being added to the site. Want more Archie goodness? We also have RISC User
Atari ST User 55 Atari ST User
Just one of many Atari magazine titles we have in our download database. All our magazines were scanned by our members and are not those older scans on the net....
CG:SP 77 Computer Games:Strategy Plus
We have archived over 70 issues of this excellent magazine to date with many, many more issues to come. If you like this title, this is the place to be :-)
 Cp  95+ Computer Pilot
If you are a flight jockey this one might interest you with 20 issues available for download and heaps more archived in case the publisher bellies up!!!
AMPC 143 Atomic: Maximum Power Computing
Discontinued in 2012 we have the complete collection of this awesome title available.
PCG 50+ PC Gamer
Lots of early issues of the UK version are available with many still awaiting scanning. Same goes for the USA version.
PCPP 157 PC PowerPlay
Australia's best and only dedicated PC Gaming magazine. We have a huge number available for members to enjoy!!
 Arcade 24  Arcade
All 24 issues were missing until we acquired and scanned the complete collection.
Over 170 issues of this brilliant 1980's magazine have been scanned by our scanning team and Kiwi still has plenty of early issues awaiting scanning.
Edge 300+ Edge
We have an alost complete collection of this archived and over 200 are available for download.
GM 140+ GamesMaster
All issues in our collection will be made available early next year after Future pulled the plug on the magazine and prevent anyone from redownloading their digital purchases.
Hyper 240+ Hyper
Australia's premiere multi-format magazine has had a HUGE number of issues scanned by us and lots of them are downloadable.
 OFW 120+  On Four Wheels
If you are into cars this weekly might interest you with over 120 of the set scanned and available.
 IoW 20  Images of War
Maybe WWII takes your reading fancy in which case you will be happy to hear Kiwi is slowly scanning the complete set with each PDF including the maps/posters and booklets that accompanied the issues.  
L&L 60+ Look and Learn
We have approx. 800 of these in scanners hands and are in the process of getting them preserved in typical Kiwis.World quality.
AY 11 Automobile Year
If you recognise this we probably don't need to say any more. If you don't let's just say it's the best yearly almanac of all things auto!!
BoR   Battle over the Reich
We have both volumes of this, the best view of the air war in Europe available, along with a selection of other books on both world wars.
C   Cinema
If you are into Vampires,Zombies or Sci-Fi we have a selection of books scanned in great quality for your enjoyment.
AE   Anceint Egypt
A nice selection of books on this most fascinating of subjects.