Restricted Access

18. 07. 29
posted by: Kiwi
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The Download Area is restricted to site members only. It costs money to maintain the website, pay for filehosting and the purchase/postage costs to acquire new content and consumables to keep our document scanners running. Any donations received go directly into supporting the sites goals of content preservation.

To obtain access to this area you may:

  • Donate physical copies of missing issues by sending them to one of our scanning members or alternately
  • Scan missing issues at 300dpi and submit them (upload them here where we can download and check them) or alternately
  • Make a PAYPAL donation to the site using the [Donate] button at the bottom of the Home page

Contact Kiwi if you wish to donate physical issues or scan a magazine for the site to determine if one of our scanners already is in possession of your magazine or that the file isn't already available here.

When you have complied with whichever method above suits you:

  1. Create an account at the site [Login] screen
  2. Email Kiwi with details of your contribution

Upon verifying your contribution your account will be activated. Unactivated accounts will be deleted the next day if no donation verification emails are received.

Important Note: No files on this site should be uploaded to other websites. These files are made available solely to members of this site. Failure to agree and abide by this rule will see the site closed.