Posts from 2019-03-21

Site Update ...

Things have been a little slow on the scanning front lately as I grapple with personal life issues. Nothing major or anything but there's been little free time lately and frankly I've been "bloody well knackered" so just taking a few days to recuperate. Summer has been dreadfully hot this year and I actually can't wait for it to end to be honest.

Onto site news and I've been annoyed with the fact that visitors to the site aren't currently able to see exactly what we have archived for members to download. The current download manager has been great compared to the one used previously on WordPress but the inability to display our magazines while disabling downloads for non-members is hugely counterproductive when it comes to encouraging visitors to participate in the site. As a result of this along with the basic nature of the site theme I have begun searching for and testing download managers which can hopefully provide me with a better experience for both members and visitors alike. That includes features like being able to make some downloads available to everyone.

Other options could include moving to the different platform altogether, such as the IPBoard software used by sites like Retromags, which incorporates forums as well but I'm struck by both the initial costs and the fact that I'd have to get my head around it all. Still, maybe it opens it up to Moderators or scanning members being able to add new content themselves? Food for thought. Anyways, give me a few days to see what options work and hopefully things will be all systems go moving forward!!