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Commodore Horizons

Issue 08 is now available.

Issue 109

PlayStation Official Magazine (AUS)

Ryan L submits issue 03 of the Next Publishing version of this title. Excellente!!!

Issue 109

PC Gamer (UK)

Thanks to potjekoffie48 issue 36 is now available for some weekend PC gaming oriented reading  :-)

Issue 109

Computing Today

Another old, interesting magazine gets the scanning treatment with the January 1984 issue of this Argus Press title now available.

Issue 109

These are not common at all as far as digital scans are concerned. I have another three or four issues that came in a big auction lot I purchased a few years ago off the local auction site. I believe these ran in parallel with sister publication Personal Computing Today for some time.

Tips & Tricks

Something a little different today with the year 2000 Codebook getting the scanning treatment. You can grab it if game cheat codes etc are your "thing"  :-)

Issue 109

Site going down ....

Hey everyone,

It's aircon install day here today so shortly the site will be going offline for possibly a couple of hours while the techs install a new circuit breaker in the switchboard and route power cabling to the new aircon unit. Can't wait to get the PC room running at a breezy 20 degrees instead of the 30 it's been getting up to over the summer.

Anyways, if you see this before it goes down you will know why. Unfortunately I haven't managed to acquire a UPS for the server and there's no telling whether the job will take longer than it could supply power to keep it running anyway. We will be back on the other side of the install. See you again soon!!!

Action Stations .....

Got the Avision scanner back in operation today and figured out how to create raw scans using their software without it automatically cropping the hell out of the pages. This will allow me to push through destapled magazines and obtain raw scans much much faster than via the fi-5650c as it can be used duplex thanks to no scratches on the glass or dust stuck under the glass. Yay!!!

Putting it through a test run I have scanned several magazines without any problems so you can see covers added to various magazines (Commodore User, Commodore World, Personal Computing Today, Bits & Bytes) with "Coming soon!!" to indicate issues now scanned and awaiting editing.

Issue 109   Issue 109

Edge (UK)

Thanks to sunpig we now have issue 131 scanned and available for download.

Issue 109

This is the final issue donated by him so barring the three missing issues we have a complete run up to 323 archived with issues 210 - 323 currently unavailable for download at this time due to Future making them available through their iTunes app, Zinio and other digital distribution services.

Checking my raw scans from other sites I actually have all three missing issues which although they aren't the best (lot of editing required being raws) so unless a scanning member submits them in the next month or two I will edit and get these online to complete our downloadable collection.

*** UPDATE *** I have edited the covers for the missing issues from my raw scans and added them to the site.

Official PlayStation Collection (AUS)

Thanks to Richard Pilgrim and Jason we have a new version of this to replace the earlier version.

 Issue 109

There was nothing wrong with the other version other than not being edited to remove the scanner scan plate but if a cleaner, edited version comes along I will happily update the site with the new version as it means I don't have to go back at some point and edit the original file. That goes for any file on the site, no matter who scanned the original version. So if anyone has issue 02 of Amiga Format and can submit it to replace MY yucky scanned copy currently on the site please do so. :-)



Not sure who submitted these (let me know if it was you so I can credit you) but issues 112, 128, 129 and 132 have been added to the download area.

Issue 109

PC Gamer (UK)

Thanks to potjekoffie48 we have another previously unscanned issue, this time issue 33 available for download. Fantastic!!

Issue 109

Anyone here old enough to remember playing Quake on a Rendition 3D video card? Eye opening introduction to real 3D that was .....

Mean Machines

Thanks to Jason we now have issue 24 of this title scanned.

Goodness only knows how he scan submit scans in this heat. Only  one week until aircon gets installed into my study. Cripes it's hot!!!

Issue 109


Jason fired through issue 28 of this and again, as it is better than the previous scan due to less colour correction/brightness etc, I have replaced the older file with this new one if anyone is interested .....

Issue 109

Phil Collins rocked the evening ....

On a better note Phil Collins might be 68 years old and had to sit due to back  surgery but, man oh man, did he put up an excellent concert!!

With a great set of backing vocallists, superb drumming by his seventeen year old son, and even the legendary guitarist Daryl Stuermer on tour like the Genesis days of old, he put together quite the show indeed. Given it might be his last time touring (did you see his age?) and the fact he threw in three Genesis songs as acknowledgement of his music roots I am really happy we made the trip south for it. Friggin' awesome!!

Issue 109

Christchurch eight years on from the quake .....

.... and the symbol of the city of old continues to stand derelic, still awaiting the day when something will be done to restore the Cathdral back to its former glory.

As it stands it is a testament to insufficient insurance, apathy on the part of everyone to rebuild due to the costs of making such an old building compliant with current earthquake proofing requirements and simply too much construction work required in the city. Roads are still shot in places so I guess you need to put things into perspective but still, when you had breakfast in the Cathedral cafe only three weeks before the first quake and remember how beautiful the church was back then it is a rather sad to see it looking like this all these years later 

Issue 109

Australian Commodore & Amiga Review

Vol. 08 Issue 05 is now available thanks to Jason.

Issue 109

That's it from me for a couple of days.

Games tm

Ten issues of this title are also now available, those being 181 - 190.

Issue 109


A further ten issues (271 - 280) have been added to the download pool for some weekend reading.

Issue 109

I will be out of town for the next two days so no updates during that time while my daughter and I attend the Phil Collins "Not Dead Yet" concert. I last saw him here with Genesis on their "Invisible Touch" tour back in 1985 so it been a long time between tours. My little girl is into retro music nowadays and bought tickets for my birthday. What a gal !!!  :-)

Edge (UK)

Issue 127 is now available. One left to scan then we are only missing three issues.

Issue 109

Frak it's HOT!!!

Just an update to say I've retrieved the fi-5650c from the basement and even scanned issue 127 of Edge but it's just too damned hot to sit in front of the PC editing scans for any length of time with Auckland sweltering near 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit for those using that scale) which is bad enough, but factor in 90+% humidity and it's friggin' awful!!Biting the mortgage bullet and putting aircon units into the house in a couple of weeks and hopefully the temps will settle down in the next week anyway but I can't even begin to fathom what Jason must be going through with temps in the 40's over in Oz.Still, at least I am one step closer to getting my own scans back up and running.