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New site is online!!!

As you can tell the new site is online a liittle earlier than I anticipated but I was a tad irritated when every second cover scan was getting an "invalid file type" error in PHP-Fusion.

Over 1200 files have been added to the site but as you can tell I have some ways to go until everything is back online with their own download links so bear with me as I work on getting them online as soon as I can.

Expect to see some new releases in the next day or two. Mark G and Andynick have fired through a couple of excellent scans and I have another 2009 vintage issue of Edge to upload as well.  

New Release - NGamer

The digital edition of issue 71 is now available in the download area. Thanks to Dan for capturing it and Kiwi for providing one replacement page that was problematic.

Also available is issue 02 thanks to a donation by Richard Pilgrim and scanning by Jason.

Issue 109  Issue 109

Nintendo Official Magazine and Future's dismal failure.....

Thanks to Future not only discontinuing this title back in 2014 but also removing their app in iTunes and thus preventing customers who purchased issues from being able to restore them if their iPad needed a reset (seriously, iPad backups don't always work Future) we are happy to announce that several digital issues that were kept on Dan's iPad have now been captured and added to the downloads page.

Note that on a couple of issues there are artifacts on a page here and there. These were present on the app and are not Dan's fault at all. Whoever did Future's page collation when compiling their PDF's didn't do a great job of error checking. I had similar problems with Imagine's Retro Gamer and Games tm digital issues as well where text boxes which were meant to site behind images were compiled in front causing graphical problems with the page. Ahh the joys of digital ....

Issue 109


More than one thousand issues have been populated into the download manager with LOTs still to be added.

Files are being added individually rather than using a single link to a download directory as it allows me to add cover scans for each issue at the same time without having to use a gallery. This is a vast improvement in back-end usability over the PHP-Fusion and even the WordPress platforms I was using previously.

New and recent releases will be added as soon as possible with older content getting added as I find time. This will impact scanning on my part for a few weeks. 

Site Upgrade

I have upgraded the website which is now using Joomla. Unlike PHP-Fusion which powered version 1.0 this has a few things to make my life easier such as:

  • Self-registration for new members using email verification. 
  • Email forwarding that actually works with my ISP's restrictions
  • Better download manager allowing for magazine categories, individual title directories etc
  • Cover images are part of the download manager
  • Individual downloads can be restricted by user membership level rather than via the category itself
  • Commenting and rating downloads is available to registered members
  • SPAM filtering

Hopefully this will be the last change to the site platform for a long, long while, but I think visitors will all agree that the previous version was pretty ordinary, especially in the downloads area where I couldn't provide proper categories with the built-in menu system. PHP-Fusion is several years old with little in the way of upgrades etc in recent times and it was showing is some quirky behavior so I am happy to move away from using it.