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Welcome to Kiwi's World (incorporating

Site Update ...

· Kiwi on June 22 2017

Site visitor Sam let me know that the Nintendo Magazine System (AUS) download link pointed to an incorrect magazine. This has now been corrected.


If anyone finds an incorrect link please contact me using one of the [Contact Me] page options and I will get it fixed ASAP.


Thanks for the heads-up Sam  Laughing

Registration Disabled ...

· Kiwi on June 20 2017

Due to spamming of the registration system (fictitous email addresses etc) I have closed registrations to the site.


If you simply want to download files there is no requirement to register whatsoever and there are no additional downloads available for those who do register.


However, if you do wish to comment/ post on the forums and be part of the site community etc you will need to use the Contact Me page and provide me with:


1. A Username (keep it respectable please)

2. Preferred password

3. A valid email address (if sending via the Contact form)


Upon receipt of the above I will validate you. 

New Downloads (week commencing 18/06/17)

· Kiwi on June 18 2017

We start the week off with issues 66-78 of PC Pilot thanks to muller23. These are available from the publisher so cannot be made available here but we have archived them in the event the publisher were to cease trading and/or digital versions were no longer available to purchase. Cover scans for these issues have been added to the Photo Gallery.


New magazines available for download this week include:

  • Video Gamer #04  - scanned by Dan, edited by Kiwi  
  • Softex Vol. 01-03 - scanned by Jason    
  • PC PowerPlay #16, 18 - scanned by Jason   (Note: These were scanned off badly scewed print copies but these will be fine until we can acquire better print copies to re-scan)
  • PlayStation Official (UK) #52 (pre-press version)  
  • Hyper #89 - another awesome scan by Mark G    *** NEW ***
  • Computer Games #184 - donated by Cameron, scanned by Kiwi   *** NEW ***
  • Computer Pilot Vol.01-06 - scanned by muller23. This had been submitted previously and wirhdrawn while I looked into whether the publisher intended making earlier issues available digitally. This doesn't appear to be the case hence it being reinstated
  • Computer Pilot Vol.03-03 donated by Cameron, scanned by Kiwi   *** NEW ***
  • PlayStation Official (UK) #53  (pre-press version)     *** NEW ***

New Downloads (week commencing 11/06/17)

· Kiwi on June 12 2017

The first releases under the new site are:



  • Hyper #88 - scanned by Mark G
  • Computer Games #180 - donated by Cameron, scanned by Kiwi
  • Play tm #113 (pre-press version)
  • PSM2 #17 (pre-press version)  
  • PlayStation Official (UK) (2006 - current) #49, 50 & 52 (not available)
  • PC Pilot #15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 38 scanned by muller23    
  • Maximum PC #139 (not available)


Previous releases uploaded just as the WordPress site gave up the ghost and fubared itself include:

  • Play #44 - scanned by marktrade and edited by myself
  • PC PowerPlay #122 - donated by Richard Pilgrim and edited by Jason

These are included here because every time I updated the site the post caused the site to crash so I am not sure anyone got the news they were available.

New releases will be added to the weekly download post rather than creating a new post for each issue so keep an eye out for new releases here

Downloads Online

· Kiwi on June 12 2017

All downloads are now online.

There are a few differences from the OGM of old but the main one is that where a magazine title changed, there is now a download link for each iteration.

For example, Strategy Plus changed its name to Computer Games: Strategy Plus as it moved away from board gaming towards computer gaming only to shorten its name to Computer Games at the end of its life. Prior to the shift to the new platform I nested Computer Games: Strategy Plus and Computer Games together. This has now changed with each title having a seperate link.

If anyone finds a non-working link let me know and I will get it fixed ASAP.

Download System Update

· Kiwi on June 11 2017

Over 200 categories have now been added back into the download manager. I expect to have the remaining categorioes added in the next two or three days. 

Lots of work still to do such as adding screenshots of magazine titles to the download manager but that's merely cosmetic and can be done as time allows.

Site is "Under Construction"

· Kiwi on May 29 2017

The website is now operational in a limited state.

First priority is to get the Downloads area up and running and populated with our releases. The good news is that PHP.Fusion allows seamless integration of Mediafire links so it should be straightforward, if a little time consuming, getting the links online again.

Stay tuned as we move towards getting full functionality enabled ......

UPDATE .... Over 100 magazines have now been added to the database Smile